Parallax : How to use Parallax to your advantage

15 Feb

Language is everything.  Words can push, pull, mediate, infuriate, crush, build name it. Today, a word opened a door.  The door was google, and of course, a definition was born in the hallway of my mind.


And there it is. 
PARALLAX. The sound of it just floats of my tongue, so fluid. 
So, me being me, I spent  a bit of time this evening trying to understand this principles. It reminded me of math, math words send me into an immediate brain fog.

But then, it came to me:

Cant wait to use this word during a future disagreement with my old man.

“Maybe you should look at this situation from another parallax.”

“Well, I think it all parallaxial.”

The world & all its lovers

9 Feb wpid-img_20150208_230121.jpg

Here are some recent productions masterpieces… ;-) Just 5 quickies to share with you, Combining my poetry and photography.  Seeing as I’m on the clock at work.  :-(






You’ll Find Me In the Bathroom, Gambling with Time

22 Jan

I hate apps
The notifications
The email reminders

I am sick
From not writing
But a blogging isn’t quite the same
It’s tied to the instant gratification
Of likes. Of stars. Of comments.
I’ll write what you wanna read
But I’d rather
Write the book I wanna read

On the other hand
I want to connect too
I want you to relate
Willing to bleed on a keyboard
to ease your head

I want to leave the world
With a legacy in print
Filled with pages,
The kind of pages you turn manually
Bound pages


Still good

22 Dec

Wakey Wakey
Eggs and bakey
God said get up he
Tried to save me
”We should go shopping
or something— Old Navy?”
But I was stuck on stupid
acting flaky
I don’t twerk,
I still go to church and
listen to music
on the way to work


Designed by 79sparrows


20 Oct

I neglected my blog.  WTF.


And for heaven’s sake why is there free advertisement all over my site?   I pay $100 a year to have a premium site, so please explain yourselves wordpress! @wordpress #whatinthewordpressisgoingon



And most of all, hashtag I’m sorry. #imsorry
Letting go of my writing was a monumental mistake. Truly dumb.

Last week, I was in Vegas. I put an adventurous yet distinguished cabana boy up in a bigass one bedroom balcony suite at The Signature at MGM to use at my leisurely desire. And my heavens, was he eager to please.

Just kidding, my fiance and I took at 6 day vacay in Sin City but I was being honest about the accommodations.

Many hours were spent marinating on Fremont St., an oasis to escape my reality of a non-public driven existence. Enjoy the video.


Pefectly Good

19 Aug


And now that you don’t have to be perfect,
You can be good.

-John Steinbeck

We sit and discuss God on lawnchairs

17 Jul
Designed by 79sparrows

Designed by 79sparrows

Vipassana:  signs of mind and matter.  How the mind is influencing the body and later how the body is influencing the mind.

Here’s the jam of the day.

I was a couple moves away from being dead
In that ER overdosin’, eyes bleedin’ red
I fell in love, made an album, got a buzz
Lost it all, sobered up and guess what?
Now we meet again
And I’m back, finally just laughin’
–“Vipassana,” Macklemore


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