The Sunday Night Shitshow

15 Nov

I took this picture in San Diego 

San Diego

San Diego….

Life back home in DC is giving me the blues.  Tomorrow, start time is 8am so that means I have to wake up around 6. Wtf.  So the weekly Sunday Night Bluesapalooza is in rare form.  It’s like Counting Crowes hit the stage and everybody’s coming down. Tomorrow is Monday.   

What a bummer. 

The cage of being dependent on a paycheck chips away the edges of my soul.

Dramatic enough?   My commute is an hour each way on a good day.  But now that the sun goes down earlier,  DC drivers suffer from temporary blindness, much as they do when the sun is actually shining.  

Tip:  if you live in the DC area, including Maryland and Virginia, don’t spend 2 1/2 weeks in California.   And especially not immediately before daylight savings time tick tocks it’s dirty hands all over life.  Because, it’s actually psychologically painful to come from obliviously sunny hippie land to this hellhole of ladder climbing office workers, competing before they even reach the cubicle!    Let me tell you about my commute. 

I fight my way out of the neighborhood complex and onto the main road.  The line of BMWs and Audis are merciless. They don’t even pretend to  see the navy blue beauty of my Jeep Wrangler off to the left, or feel her desperation.  Sue.  Her name is Sue, and she’s loads of fun, especially in the summertime months.   Luxury sedans are cushy, but riding w/ the top down enhances the driver’s happiness and mainlines Vitamin D.  

But in the meantime,

Its’s November and Sue is all zipped up and feeling suffocated.  Morning Rush hour traffic begins at 6 am and ends around 10, evening rush hour is approximately 3pm to 7pm.  Lately, every commute has been a traffic jam.  I drive to a crappy area in Maryland, 10 mins from the heart of DC.  There’s no scenery unless you really get off on standard maple and oak trees.  The air is cold and damp and did I mention less sun?   

  Pics from Los Angeles BY 79sparrows:   
Every Sunday night, a feeling of dread grasps me and won’t let go.   I feel it now. 7:26pm.  Right in my chest.  It’s anxiety, it’s the Sunday night Shitshow and it’s LIVE.

So if you are dealing the Winter aka Mother Nature’s “time of the year” , I’d like to extend a double dose of sunshine your way.  Put on your favorite pair of flip flops and close your eyes.  Not yet.  Look at these pics I captured on my trip down the PCH.  God bless.


App review:  Bazaart

29 Oct

A fun collage app where possibilities are endless!  Fun and free.  I’m getting acclimated on how to make a kick ass product. Here’s what I’ve come up with the last few days. 

   As you can see, I’m still refining my technique.   Do you collage? 


27 Oct big sur

This way to the Mondrian

All my life, I’ve felt particularly drawn to Los Angeles.  So when I finally went to CA this past September, it was like meeting the anonymous  person you’ve had a crush on for a few decades. I came, I stayed 15 days, I left and now feel  pangs of homesickness for a place I do not live.  A potentially cold, damp, dark winter is upon us, and I’m in Washington, DC.  It’s gonna be nasty. Guaranteed.

Now all I see is pictures.  <dramatic sigh>  So I’d like to share some of my memories here:

Venice Beach skateboarders, music by Mickey Avalon “Mr. Brownstone”

Pacific Coast Highway captured

Window Shopping: Art Boutique in Palm Springs

San Simeon

heavily filtered near Mission Viejo, CA

MALIBU, perfect Malibu

Here comes the winter again

26 Oct IMG_2151

*photo by 79sparrows Moss Beach CA  

In Memory

16 Oct


it’s crazy the things i think what dress should I wear ?

tomorrow at the shrinks

want some more 

always yes please

I’ve lost my way

lost my lighter

it’s another day

a little higher

I had a choice

I lost my voice 

I enjoy what destroys 

head filled up with noise 

Of grief and all its joys

who are you anyway

you take shape, in escape

and life’s stage is a screenplay

I’m waiting in the driveway 

waiting for another birthday

calling in the hallways

standing in your doorways 

and I will always 

follow through, for you my love 

are great

if I was late,

you would wait 

didn’t flip out

now i do without 

you made so much of my character

you the caregiver,

honey what you want for dinner

you left my lights a little dimmer

I only see you in old pictures 

I replay our memories like 

the scripture

and the person in the mirror

needs you so much nearer

you should be here, but 

your not its clearer

we didn’t end anything

still waters run deeper

5 years since your gone

5 years how to move on

5 years I tried to be strong 

5 years it felt we were dealt

so wrong

I need your advice so desperately

speak to me urgently

your words fit in so perfectly 

I miss late nights on the phone

I look for you every so cleverly

but all I find is a shoebox of memories

talk to me in that ol certain tone

the house forever empty

for you have gone home.


Parallax : How to use Parallax to your advantage

15 Feb

Language is everything.  Words can push, pull, mediate, infuriate, crush, build name it. Today, a word opened a door.  The door was google, and of course, a definition was born in the hallway of my mind.


And there it is. 
PARALLAX. The sound of it just floats of my tongue, so fluid. 
So, me being me, I spent  a bit of time this evening trying to understand this principles. It reminded me of math, math words send me into an immediate brain fog.

But then, it came to me:

Cant wait to use this word during a future disagreement with my old man.

“Maybe you should look at this situation from another parallax.”

“Well, I think it all parallaxial.”

The world & all its lovers

9 Feb wpid-img_20150208_230121.jpg

Here are some recent productions masterpieces… ;-) Just 5 quickies to share with you, Combining my poetry and photography.  Seeing as I’m on the clock at work.  :-(







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