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Art to Break Hearts, 9

29 Jun

“Throw dirt on me, and grow a wild flower.”  — Lil’ Wayne

Indroducing: Sexy Sundays

27 Jun

Hosted by:  79sparrows

“Sunday, Bloody Sunday” in the words of Bono.    The problem with Sunday, is although it is  technically is part of the ‘weekend,’ it also prefaces Monday.   It is that part of the day that my mind wanders to ‘what will I be walking into tomorrow?’   It’s not like I work for Donald Trump, but my job has it’s own very unique challenges.   My office is the textbook example of “blockage.”   Management is incompetant and most lack basic social skills.   Here is a conversation I overheard in the elevator the other day:

Suit 1 :  “Well, it’s my floor.  See you around.”

Suit 2:  “See you around like a donut.”

I de-boarded also, in the wake of Suit 1 & 2 chuckling away. 

So…tomorrow is Monday.  Johnny Cash didn’t write “Sunday Morning Coming Down” for no good reason.  Sunday is a bummer; a Debbie Downer if you will.  (Not so much in the morning, but afternoon/evening/night.)

Also, as a kid, I hated school.   The Sunday Evening Anxiety Party has been going on for quite some time.   

Let’s talk about something nice.   I’ll list some sexiness, and pretend I’m prepared to face my OCD/verge of meltdown/unreasonable/insane  boss tomorrow.

Taking a bath is fun!

Bigger Than You Thought

27 Jun

(“thats what she said”)

Temperatures have reached a humid, sticky high in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.   Unless you’re interested in sweating out for a detox of some sort, the heat is unbearable, and not sexy at all.  It’s tough to feel cute with droplets of sweat forming on my upper lip and forehead.  I’ve noticed I sweat more then the average person, just like my father.  Yikes.  “I’m sweating like a pig out here!”  as he would describe it.

I was sitting outside earlier, drinking iced cappucino #4, when I remembered my days vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

It was fabulous.

I was fabulous.

I loved Cabo so much, I went ever summer for 3 years in a row.   My then-boyfriend (now-stranger) had a timeshare he used for resorts all over the world, and I was given the  opportunity to be the “decision-maker” over where we went.  So I kept choosing Cabo.  Then we broke up, and I havent been back since.

The guys who ran the booze cruise always remembered me and that was nice.  Secretly, I had a massive crush on Ruben.  He was a mexican guy with long curly hair and eyes as blue as the Sea of Cortez.  His beer bongs and body shots were monumental in my eyes.  A man that knows how to get the party started & continuing is an admirable quality.   I wish he was here right now, encouraging me to live free and enebriated, for just one night.

Ah, memories.

Freestyle Poem of the DaY

27 Jun

the temperature’s 100 degrees
the languid wet summer’s heat
seduces the sweaty
into taking off their clothes
hey you
in your sears sucker suit
take a break from your
professional pursuit
take it off
take it all off
stand up
for you’ll never regret
the shadow of summer’s silhouette

–by 79sparrows

Welcome Back, Slim Shady

27 Jun

“Hit the bottom so hard, I bounced twice”


26 Jun

I just downloaded Eminem’s new lp, “Recovery,” off Itunes.  As in, I bought the whole album all at once.  It’s a rare occurence.  Most usually, I pick and choose one or 2 songs from each artist.  Remember when you had to buy the entire cd at once?  For instance:  BON JOVI  /  NEW JERSEY.


Only like “I’ll be there for you” and “Lay Your Hands On Me?”  Too bad.  That is what a fast-forward button is there for.   There was no such thing as a custom made personal playlist 24/7.   And you know what—accidently sitting thru those songs I didn’t care for built character.  It taught me about patience and forced me to listen to a wider range of music.

So, I declare tonight “Retro Saturday Night,” may you all allow yourselves to relive the joy of buying an entire album.  Bonus points for brand new releases.   I am quite excited to hear Eminem’s latest work; it has been sort of lame without Marshall Mathers / Slim Shady around. 

The oddest thing– last year my father suffered cardiac arrest, was on his deathbed for 2 months, hung on….came out of the coma.  While catching up with everyone about  what has been going on the last 2-3 months, he asked “So what happened to Eminem?  Is he dead or did he marry his mother or what?”

Now, that was funny.

My dad pays attention to Eminem?   Color me surprised.

So I bought the whole cd; and it feels good.   I have the house to myself this weekend, and the volume is up pretty loud.     I’m 3 songs in, and  THIS IS GOOD!!!   The Eminem I fell in love with in 2000 is back.  And I feel 20 again, a little bit fly , with some rebellious angst thrown in.   That’s what Slim Shady does best.  Even though we’re all grown up….. Slim’s lyrics have evolved beautifully.  ” Talking to Myself” —my fave so far. 

This, I believe

26 Jun

“Love means going first class.” –79sparrows

Life is tricky.   I’m an idealist, but at the old age of 31, I’ve come to terms with certain inalienable truths.  No one but you can save yourself.   Eating late at night will make you fat.  Trust your gut above all else, it is your best friend who tells you what your head hasn’t yet concieved and your heart has overlooked. 

Tell the truth, and things will work out exactly as they should. 

If someone looks to the left when answering your question, it usually means they are lying or not telling things 100%.   Keep it 100. 

Wait till it goes on sale.

“When someone tells you who they are, believe them.”–Maya Angelou

Learn CPR, it’s fairly simple and straight-forward.   If you dont know CPR, you will wish you did when someone drops dead in front of you.

Practice active listening, it will get you far.

Treat the custodian as graciously as your boss. 

Download  music for free: 

Save time:  Get all your celebrity gossip from one place:

Edit your photos online, for free:  But don’t photoshop yourself to death, photoshop is for liars.

And now, some quotes by the man, HENRY ROLLINS:

“Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts.”

“It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.”

“Why do you think the old stories tell of men who set out on great journeys to impress the gods? Because trying to impress people just isn’t worth the time and effort.”

“When you start to doubt yourself the real world will eat you alive.”


25 Jun
are something
tried before.

Life is tricky.  So easy to settle for shit and not even notice.   Then you came along and I started remembering things.

We have so much to talk about.  You asked where my family lives.  A simple question but I liked telling you all about it.

First, allow me to tell you

about those crazy kids these days.

Vacant lots, logged on long enough

to update their status

on Facebook.

Because they believe what they’re doing that moment is worthy of an announcement in 3rd person.  My own personal .02:  I insist you unplug.  Let us all wonder if you are going grocery shopping, or on the can, or thinking about doing yoga later.

Be mysterious.

You aren’t missing anything except your freedom.  With updates, come social responsibility.  People are going to expect that you know what they are doing too, and if you don’t prepare to be a self-absorbed jerkoff. 

All this updating and keeping up

is time consuming

and unnecessary

that’s all I’m saying on the topic of social networking.  No, wait:  Take those applications off your cell phone too.

be free.


 “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”–Anthony Robbins

PS. I love you

19 Jun

This hour I tell things in confidence,
I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.

–”Song of Myself,” Walt Whitman


I wish we could have a million more nights to spend waiting for the sun to come up.    Please stay, don’t go away and leave me without you in this world.  I love you, I love your life.    It’s been 11 amazing years of friendship, you saw me grow from a bar rat poet who let guys walk all over me  to a woman who makes my dreams come true.  Remember our trip to Illinois?  It was the strangest 9 days of seeing the little town you grew up in.  And now at 41, you lay in hospice.  My dear friend, I can’t believe life right now.  Soon you will be gone and I just hope you greet me at heaven’s gate whenwe are reunited.  I can’t believe this or that soon I will not see you for a while.  

Son ofa bitch

You are the one who told me to keep writing.

Art to Break Hearts, 8

18 Jun


night time swim

the NEPTUNE statue

Room service

The sun is warm; I feel nice

You & your big dreams


“If you get it and love it…represent it and make it a part of you…don’t do it because you want to impress somebody or fit in. Bleed what you are and if people don’t feel you, keep on going. Someone else will get it. The realest things on this earth are the things that have gotten passed by many of times. They have aged lines from disappointment that will one day be a tale for many to share.”  –Davey Suicide


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