App Magnets, How do they work?

One of the best features of the iPhone is all the 8,000,000 apps at my fingertips; particularly photo and writing apps– a favorite is  ‘Verses Poetry Creator.’ The layout is just like those word tiles you see on fridges and other magnetic-friendly surfaces.   A selection of words is provided in your “word drawer,” which is…

Photo of the Day

I made this w/ a few good apps and a pic from my vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Quote by: Henry Rollins I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention.   To not be like your parents.  To not be like your friends.  To be yourself.   To cut yourself out of stone. –Rollins Do you agree?

My Very Worst Date

After much encouragement to try an online dating service, I decided to go the el cheapo route and signed up for Plenty of Fish. My inbox was immediately bombarded with messages, most consisting of one or two incoherent sentences. One gentleman caller stood out from the rest, and after communicating for a few months, I…

Aged Lines

“If you get it and love it…represent it and make it a part of you…  Don’t do it because you want to impress somebody or fit in. Bleed what you are and if people don’t feel you, keep on going.  Someone else will get it. The realest things on this earth are the things that…

The Fashion of Fear

Sky high is alone Over the moon With the Stars in the bathroom With the skeletons & the truth They don’t ever sleep Alone Keep the secrets Secret in your phone I know you know I know You know.

Nails these Days

We live in strange times. Especially when it comes to the state of ‘fashionable’ fingernails. Nowadays, nails are about tacky art, putting on the bling blingy, until your hands look like they got lost in the mall & ended up trying on the entire Sally Hansen decal line at Claire’s Boutique. Do you ever figure…

DATA (Monday Freestyle)

I propel like a falcon Decimal point looks like a challenge Study the ballistics white girl in Suitland Verifying statistics. Population estimation Approximate the future In a pie chart of projections, cause’ data analysis Give analysts erections Life goes on Reproducing inevitably it’s not gettin knocked up- They call it fertility Spread like a sheet…

Photo of the Day

Do you agree? (Created with my photo, edited & lyrics by The Smiths)

Photo freeze frame

Snapped this while riding a bike taxi in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Do you see the person in the background?