The world & all its lovers

Here are some recent productions masterpieces… ūüėȬ†Just 5 quickies to share with you, Combining my poetry and photography.¬† Seeing as I’m on the clock at work.¬† ūüė¶

July 16 Love Song

¬† I don’t sweat, I glisten I didn’t change, I evolved & u didn’t Move like a trajectory packed; stacked memorex memories watch from the balcony the stars in my galaxy & I’m feeling so extraordinary Shooting past the ordinaries ¬†

The Bridge

Originally posted on 79 Sparrows:
the bridge over the bridge, i met with an old acquaintance, discussed big ideas and she smiled and told me things were looking up.¬† I left her office,¬† crossed the street, and stood alone in front of¬†a¬†breakfast¬†cafe.¬†¬†¬†Such a¬†simple little town, spring whispered in the morning chill, I felt you from my…

App Magnets, How do they work?

One of the best features of the iPhone is all the 8,000,000 apps at my fingertips; particularly photo and writing apps– a favorite is¬† ‘Verses Poetry Creator.’ The layout is just like those word tiles you see on fridges and other magnetic-friendly surfaces.¬†¬† A selection of words is provided in your “word drawer,” which is…

The Fashion of Fear

Sky high is alone Over the moon With the Stars in the bathroom With the skeletons & the truth They don’t ever sleep Alone Keep the secrets Secret in your phone I know you know I know You know.

DATA (Monday Freestyle)

I propel like a falcon Decimal point looks like a challenge Study the ballistics white girl in Suitland Verifying statistics. Population estimation Approximate the future In a pie chart of projections, cause’ data analysis Give analysts erections Life goes on Reproducing inevitably it’s not gettin knocked up- They call it fertility Spread like a sheet…

Slow Down

Slow down Please Reduce your speed I promise you’re more than a machine And I may be a joker But you’re greater than mediocre But you’re never resting you don’t see those blessings “God gave us day and night” These moments come in short bursts It’s nice to see you again.

Loser Alert

Escort Driving the pennies home Make sure they’re safe, Sherlock & Holmes Figure it out Love The right ones Now here’s a quote I hate you Michael That’s all she wrote Simply, you are a bad person Volume 1, Standard Basic unrevised version Shitty story No joke Don’t believe me? Read the cliff notes no…

Thankful Status Month on Facebook

What does it take To be thankful? When life is anything But tranquil Do you make it a habit Or broadcast a status I’m not that catty But hold the ball Peppermint Patty

Hello you.

Co existing w myself Conversations, bit by bit For once I wish That bitch would zip it Last night I had a dream It was sweet About you & me We were off high speed And on the beach The day was bright And We were Free Waves washed up Reset the sea we were…

Big Tuna

How I love When my boss is away It’s a rare treat Cuz the man overstays when he’s gone I can really rest Not to worry about Surprising visits at my desk Big Tuna on the loose! Oh shoot, he caught me I’m lazy but I’m not obvious Supervision’s like a bad audience Im underpaid…